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Fairy tales continue to influence popular culture.  Sometimes they fill us with a sense of wonder and joy, while other times with dread and fear.  Thanks to the Grimm brothers, we are gifted with a glimpse of a distant past, when life was a greater struggle, and folktales were used to warn against our darker natures.

These fables take a modern turn in It's a Grimm Life.  You will uncover the dark secrets of a family's past, see how far someone will go to have a child, and about dark deals that could cost you your soul.  You will once again travel down that overgrown trail, a sliver of the moon to light the way, knowing that at any turn you could be pulled into the shadows forever.
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ISBN:  978-0-9848612-0-0
- About the Authors -
Who's Afraid - by Carl Barker

"The story is a contemporary reworking of The Three Little Pigs, told mainly from the wolf’s viewpoint."


The Wicked Stepmother - by Jessamy Corob Cook

"Desperate for a daughter of her own, a witch has made a bargain she regrets and is prepared to go to any lengths to keep her daughter."


Black Rock - by Liz Crossland

"Tells of the quest of a teenager attempting to rescue his tweeting 'Rapunzel' from an abusive relationship and job in a strip club."


Fiddler's Green - E. M. Eastick

"Stephen Sly is an ambitious actor who will literally kill for the leading role in 'Fiddler's Green'."


Kurt & Wolfgang's Final Show - by Victor Hyde

"An unemployed ventriloquist finds himself in a situation he can't talk himself out of."


Friends and Acquaintances - T. S. Kummelman

"A dog learns his place in the circle of life."


Snaps - by Charie D. La Marr

"A satirical retelling of Rumplestiltskin in the world of book publishing."


Fairy Take Endings - by Zoe McAuley

"Mr. Grimm introduces some of the occupants of his orphanage to a couple looking to adopt."


Waxwing - by Adrean Messmer

"Based on The Juniper with an emphasis on the old fairy tale's themes, Waxwing is a story about salvation and revenge after death."


Thumbling - by Gregory L. Norris

"A modern retelling of the spooky parable about a childless couple who wish themselves into parenthood, of sorts."


The Devil's Crappy Jacket - Brett Parker

"A man dons a burden to escape his nightmares."


Where the Damned Go - by Richard Tasonmart

"What happens when you don't pay your debts."


Cast Me Adrift on Birdsong and Ash - Carmen Tudor

"The dark waters of the Kent coast hold the promise of riches for poor fisherman Dessy, but when his wife demands more than what's on offer, his life is changed in a way he can't even imagine."
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